She’s All That; And Then Some!


I don’t know if you can ever really put into words your deepest feelings for a loved spouse. And as the years go on, there certainly are no words of expression that can capture the deep feelings a man has towards his wife. I’m not sure I even understand it! The scenes that play out in a marriage over a lifetime can never be recorded by anything but the feelings of the heart.

When someone sees you as a couple, what can they really know about the years you have spent together. What can they know of the gamut of emotions you experience together over the years. It is silently shared by just the two! The victories, defeats, the joys, the happiness, the shared sorrow and disappointments of life. When I look at the face of my spouse, I can still see the new bride who would become the vivacious mother of five little children, a supportive wife, and my best friend. I’ve seen her at her best, her worst, and in between. I’ve heard her laugh, seen her smile, watched her cry, and seen her eyes flash in anger. I’ve felt her tender touch and cried in her supportive arms. We’ve laughed so hard together that we both hurt. We have also held each other and wept together in sorrow. Through it all, my love and appreciation for her has deepened. When you travel the road of life together, you know of the challenges that each has faced and you gain a certain respect for the manner in which each other handle bumps in the road. You really do, as the scriptures state, become one. Their pain becomes your pain, and your pain theirs. As you mature together, your little sapling tree of love becomes a giant oak which is strong enough to stand the fierce winds and rain of life. Truly God meant for everyone to ‘live joyfully with the wife (husband) whom thou lovest all the days of the life…” (Ecclesiastes 9:9) No greater happiness can be found in any other union.

I hope we take the time daily to show appreciation for our spouse, and the sacrifices they have made on our behalf as together we have traveled on the dusty road of life.  There can never really be enough days, or months,  or even years set aside to celebrate the love of a man and woman.

As for me, I express to my wife that I always thought she was a physical beauty, but the long and winding road we traveled together  has shown me that she is so much more.  Inside and out, she is something else! She’s definitely “all that,” and then some!

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