Some Call That “Heaven On Earth,” I Call it “Vickie!”


One of the primary motivations in life, for everyone, is to find love; and then being able to fully share that love with someone who, in return, wants to share their love with you. For many, this is a lifetime pursuit. Sadly, for some, this pursuit is never ending; or so it seems. I believe that in the eternities, all faithful followers of Heavenly Father, through Jesus Christ, will have the opportunity to satisfy this pursuit, and be paired with someone who will satisfy this great goal, and through the love of Christ, be able to enjoy and bask in a relationship founded on the true charity of love that is mentioned so often in the scriptures.

To all those who yearn for shared love; keep searching! It is worth the time and effort! In the end true love waits for all. As John stated:

But whoso keepeth his word, in him verily is the love of God perfected.” (1 John 2)

Perfect love may never be found in this life, but surely will be for faithful followers of God whose righteous desire is to share His love with one another. It is the ultimate quest of mankind. It is a journey for us all and a reward worth the sacrifice.

For some of us, and I include myself, the realization of that dream is being fulfilled in this life. I am grateful everyday when I wake and look over at my wife, and for a brief moment, before the day consumes my thoughts, I capture the grandeur of the great plan of happiness designed by a loving Father in Heaven. Because it is in her, and by her, that my love is lifted to a different sphere. Some might call that Heaven on Earth! I call it “Vickie!”

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