Fresh Air For Our Souls!


I have many fond memories of my oldest sister. Being seven or eight years her junior I would have occasion to ride with her when she was a teenage driver. One memory centers around her desire to have the temperature inside the car at about 100 degrees during winter months. I would complain to her of the immense displeasure of riding in such conditions but she would stay firm in wanting to drive in the unbearable heat. When I would attempt to roll the window down she would protest and tell me to roll it back up. As she was bigger and older I would comply until the agony and possibility of heat exhaustion would overtake me, I had no choice but to crack the window down, arch my back to it’s fullest length, and push my now swollen lips out the crack to find relief in the cool outside air. Needless to say the effort left me uncomfortable but satisfied with a breath of cool fresh air.

The stifling hot air that is found in the concepts and ideals of the world often leave us gasping for something “fresh” to renew our oxygen starved souls. At least once a week we have the opportunity to get a “breath of fresh air” from the stale statements that seem to permeate our society. Each Sabbath day we have the opportunity to listen and participate in the renewing of our spiritual lives via partaking of the Sacrament and in the enjoyment found in spiritual teachings found in our local church.

I have an unusual remembrance of stretching my swollen lips out the car window for relief, while riding with my sister and I have no doubt that as we make an effort to put fresh air in our spiritual lungs, we will find relief. With all the ‘hot air’ that we are exposed to on a daily basis, there really is nothing like a breath of cool air to soothe the soul and renew our spirits. When we are in need of spiritual oxygen, there is no better place to find it than in the pews of a local church building.

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