Surrendering The Bluetooth


A few years ago my brother related to me of an interesting experience he had while visiting one of his son’s Sacrament Meetings. It seems that a brother had just been baptized and was being confirmed a member of the church that Sunday. My brother watched as this man walked forward for his confirmation and noticed that he had something in his ear. He leaned over to his son and asked if this man was hard of hearing because it appeared that he had a rather large hearing aid in one ear. His son replied, “No Dad, that’s not a hearing aid, that’s a Bluetooth for his phone. He wears it wherever he goes.” Well, my brother thought it a bit amusing that someone would be confirmed while wearing a Bluetooth. I did too! I could just picture that good brother receiving and then answering a phone call right in the middle of his confirmation.

The image of this brother receiving a phone call in the middle of his confirmation brought to mind the dual nature of communication that goes on in our daily lives. On the one hand we are receiving loud and constant messages via our man-made devices.  Simultaneously we should be receiving spiritual promptings that come from the Holy Spirit on a daily basis.  It is important that we remove the “Bluetooths” out of our ears from time to time so that the spirit of the Lord can communicate with us unencumbered. Otherwise, we might miss, or misunderstand important promptings and messages that the Lord sends daily. In today’s world of modern technology, it is easy to get overwhelmed with all of the inventions of man. With multiple televisions, phones, and computers in our homes, the world seems to be shouting out for our constant attention. Sadly, they are usually getting it!

Remember when Christ appears to the Nephites? The people are gathered around the temple, talking and discussing the events of the past week. Then they hear a voice, but amidst all the commotion they don’t know what it is saying. The scriptures record:

“And behold, the third time they did understand the voice which they heard; and it said unto them: Behold my Beloved Son, in whom I am well pleased, in whom I have glorified my name- hear ye him.”(3 Nephi 11:6-7).

I can’t imagine how many times Heavenly Father would have needed to start over in announcing His son to them, if they would have had ipods, iphones, and bluetooths in their ears.

If we take time each day, no matter where we are, to tune out the world and seek for divine guidance, the Lord will have at least an equal chance in influencing our lives as the clamoring of man-made devices.  There is great wisdom in “surrendering our Bluetooth”, so that valuable communication between us and the Lord can take place.


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