The Company You Keep


I was an average wrestler my junior year of High School, but in one year I turned things around and as a senior I became a regional champion. It was years after graduating from high school before I recognized that I had been the recipient of the principle of “the company that you keep.” Practicing everyday with a much better wrestler my final year, (who later won the state two years in a row), brought out the best in me. He made me try harder, sharpened my skills, and improved my confidence.

While wrestling champions are of little significance in the eternities, “the company that we keep” on a daily basis can lift us to heights of exaltation or bring us down to the depths of hell. Who we choose to travel the road of life with, can make the difference between a life filled with honor, or one filled with sorrow and pain. I have been blessed to associate with men and women of honor and dignity throughout my life. In so choosing, they have uplifted me and made me want to become a better man, husband, father and human.

If we want to elevate our lives, we need to search out and associate with people of principle and honor. They will help us develop characteristics that will lead us to Christ, and give us the strength in helping others out of darkness into the light. ‘The company we keep’ says a lot about the kind of people we are, and of who we hope to become!

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