What I Learned From The Walls Of My Father’s Library!


It’s interesting how walls can talk to you. I guess it is no so much the walls that talk, but what they are adorned with that scream out to be heard. A few years ago I sat in my Fathers library and gazed about. I saw a clock on the wall and a diploma from a prestigious university. But mostly I saw pictures of family members. One of my deceased Mom and one of my Dad; both when they were in the prime of youth. There were pictures of my Uncle and Aunt, photos of great grand babies, and some of my brothers and sisters. They hung on the wall with fixed faces, forever frozen in time. Their mouths didn’t say a word, but their place on the wall spoke volumes of their worth to its owner.  There was a cross-stitch, done by my mother, which communicatated all that the pictures represented.  It simply said,  “Together Forever.”

You can learn a lot about the owners of walls by how they adorn them. Some adorn them with beautiful scenic photos, or pictures of famous people, both alive and dead. Others have great masterpieces of art. Still others the certificates of honor that man have bestowed upon them. All have their place, of course, but the deafening sound of muted walls adorned with eternal things speak the loudest to my heart.

My Mom had it right. Families can be “together forever”. She was taught such, believed it, then taught me the same. I too believe it! It was evident by the adorned walls of my father’s library that he held his family most sacred, and most precious. The volumes in the bookcases are wonderful to see, and it is inspiring to know that he had read most of them. But his library walls spoke with louder volume and were more inspiring because they represented the inner soul of the man I called “Father.” His library is no more on this earth, but the lessons I learned that day from it’s walls still linger in the sinews of my soul!

“Peace be within thy walls, and prosperity within thy palaces!” (PSALM 122: 7).

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