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Inspirational Thoughts from the Year 2015

1) “I have a better perspective on the short duration of this “so-called life”. It is temporary, it is short, and it will end sooner than we want or expect. It is a testing ground of our faith. It is a battleground for the souls of men. A visit here is a necessary part of our progression. But, lest we forget our home, we have been provided sanctuaries, places of repose and peace called temples. They are “monuments” to our God, our Father and our Savior.” (A MONUMENTAL VIEW OF HEAVEN, JAN. 30, 2015)

2) “Victory over death is not here today, but it is like a ship on the horizon. We can see it while it is far away, yet it appears so close that its arrival seems imminent. The glorious reunion with our loved ones we so yearn for, will come to pass. The gospel ship will come into harbor. Then shall victory over the grave be achieved and as we embrace our loved ones, we will be able to shout to the heavens in joyous accord, “O death, where is thy sting?” (YET IT STILL STINGS, JAN. 28, 2015)

3) “Some believe there is nothing to find. That we die and that is the end of us. I don’t hold such a fatalistic outlook on man’s existence. No, I hold onto the words of the prophets that we are eternal. I hold onto the inner most feelings I have that I am not just a random accident. No, I believe I am eternal and that “what is on the other side” is a continued life with my loved ones.” (WHO KNOWS WHAT I’LL FIND, JAN. 25, 2015)

4) “It is so easy to follow and criticize, but it is not so easy to be the leader! The beauty of life is that at times we are called upon to follow, and at other times we are called upon to lead. I know all of us would like the prayers and support of others on our behalf when we enter the fog to lead. May we learn to be good followers and supporters of those who lead us! It might be enjoyable to complain, but it is more godlike to sustain.” (BUT COMPLAINING IS SO MUCH FUN! 1-18-2015)

5) “A body bag is not our ultimate destination! I know that some faith is required to believe the words of Jesus Christ, but it feels so right, and my soul burns within me with such hope. I choose to have faith. It’s a choice that each of us have. It’s a choice that can lead to hope in the eternal nature of man…through the atonement and resurrection of Jesus Christ, we will live again and that the body bag is full of life!” (THE BODY BAG IS FULL OF LIFE, FEB. 26, 2015)

6) “From my vantage point, I have seen legions of “forgotten” heroes in the halls of the church. They are the everyday people of the church but they are extraordinary people of the world. They are average as to the things of the world but their work is not common. They are those who give Christian service at a moments notice. They are the men and women whose names are seldom heard across the pulpits of man, but whose devotion to the Lord receives the adoration of the angels.” (TO THE LEGIONS OF FORGOTTEN HEROES WALKING THE CHURCH HALLSWAYS, FEB. 21, 2015)

7) “When you feel discouraged, read a pioneer story!” (WHEN YOU FEEL DISCOURAGED, READ A PIONEER STORY, FEB. 19, 2015)

8) “When, as a couple, we decide to move forward in faith, with love towards each other, miracles can happen. Sometimes, those miracles don’t come directly from the Lord, but are generated by the intense fire that radiates from two hearts that burn with love unfeigned towards the other!” (RINGS AND ROSES, FEB. 13, 2015)

9) “That’s the greatest blessing I find in having faith in Jesus Christ while I am waiting for the ‘Iron Horse’ to Zion. It’s the hope that someone will be waiting on the other side to pick me up when I disembark, and that the City of Angels will be everything I have ever imagined! I hope the countryside is as beautiful as I have pictured in my mind! I hope my loved ones will be there! I hope to see my Savior, Jesus Christ! I hope there will be no night! I hope!” (WAITING FOR ‘THE IRON HORSE’ TO ZION, FEB. 10, 2015)

10) “There is no diploma or “Doctorate of Testimony” because the learning never ends! Evidence of a strong testimony is not found written on a piece of paper mounted in a frame on a wall, it is mounted in one’s personage and made known by one’s style of living!” (I NEVER GAINED A TESTIMONY SITTING IN THE PEWS, FEB. 1, 2015)

11) “There is nothing magical about time management. The Lord will not provide us extra hours in the day to accomplish all we need to do. However, with His help, and our sweat, we can receive the wisdom needed to better organize our time such that we can handle the various responsibilities that come our way. Sometimes it requires that we postpone some things we want for things of more importance. But sacrifice has always been required of faithful followers of the Savior.” (WHEN THE WEIGHT OF THE WORLD IS OURS, MARCH 26, 2015)

12) “I believe that life has a purpose and that mankind’s destiny is celestial, the proof of which is simply the powerful spiritual feelings that are deeply embedded in my soul.” (PROVE TO ME THAT GOD EXISTS, MARCH 27, 2015)

13) “And then to my surprise…I saw the Savior’s face come to my mind and I felt for a moment, how wonderful it would feel to be “looked” upon by him! And I felt my eyes start to swell with tears and I felt them start to trickle down the side of my face. And for an instant, all of my earthly worries vanished because I was lost in his gaze, but found in His glory!” (A LOOK FROM THE SAVIOR, MARCH 8, 2015)

14) “The doctrines of man have many times been at odds with the doctrines of God. Consider the principal of humility. It is “in vogue” to celebrate one’s accomplishments and boast of one’s own strength. This is at odds with what the Lord would have us be. Although He would have us have a good self image, He would also want us to recognize from whence came our attributes and talents.” (WHEN WE ARE GODS UNTO OURSELVES, MARCH 4, 2015)

15) “The joy of understanding that we are all part of a loving eternal family makes living on this planet of “Oz” bearable. Because we know that someday, when we click our heels, we will return to our celestial home above. Some call it Heaven, others call it the Celestial Kingdom and others call it something else. But you can call it Kansas for all I care, because the name is not what is important. Because wherever our eternal family resides, there is where we want to be!” (THERE’S NO PLACE LIKE HOME, MARCH 1, 2015

16) I believe that families can be eternal and that the bond of love that exists between people is not buried in the grave. I don’t believe that demonstrations of love end with wilted flowers piled on the gravestones of mankind. I believe that through and by Christ, mankind can and will be saved from the emptiness of phone calls informing us of our parents death…I don’t believe in orphans! (I DON’T BELIEVE IN ORPHANS, APRIL 28, 2015

17) “When we pray, do we place our order then hang up?” (WHEN WE PRAY, DO WE PLACE OUR ORDERTHEN HAND UP?, APRIL 21, 2015

18) “All of us are faced with daily challenges in this life. Some of those challenges become a ‘High Noon” moment in our life. In order to overcome them we must be men and women of resolve. We must be willing to stand for gospel principles that no longer seem popular or in vogue. Sometimes that means we must stand alone in the street against daunting odds.” (WHEN HIGH NOON COMES!, MAY 31, 2015)

19) “The genius of love is that through it and by it, the deepest and noblest emotion of man elevates, enlightens, and softens even the darkest recesses of the human heart.” (LOVE IS THE SOUL OF GENIUS, MAY 28, 2015)

20) “All of us can perform small deeds that can salvage the souls of those in trouble, and alter history for generations to come. The Carpenter from Galilee proved that the power of one can bless the lives of many, indeed, it can change the direction of the world!” (TEARS FOR THE SALVAGAR, MAY 20, 2015)

21) “What a great blessing mothers are in the lives of us ugly ducklings. It is because of them that our webbed feet have spread and on their wings of faith we have soared higher than the world would believe!” (THANKS TO MOTHERS ALL US UGLY DUCKLINGS ARE SWANS!, MAY 9, 2015)

22) “Even for good men, life is full of disappointments!” (EVEN FOR GOOD MEN LIFE IS FULL OF DISAPPOINTMENTS!, MAY 3, 2015)

23) “The sun had set on the life of her husband, but the spirit whispered to her soul that on the wings of the Savior his soul had risen far above the horizon to a new dawn where they would once again love. She had that hope, that faith, that belief!” (BECAUSE THE ‘SON’ ROSE!, JUNE 9, 2015)

24) “You cannot go a day without seeing the positive affects of marriage upon our society and upon the individual. Each of us is a blessed recipient of the divine covenant of marriage given to man from God above, weather we want to acknowledge it or not.” (IN CELEBRATION, JUNE 1, 2015)

25) “One small act of kindness can linger and come back again and again to bless they who receive, and they who give. It’s a memory that lingers longer, and grows sweeter and sweeter through the years.” (MEMORIES THAT LINGER LONGER, JUNE 3, 2015)

26) “There is no question that a life lived in service to others brings with it challenges and sometimes even sorrow. But it also develops and fosters godly characteristics that are essential to becoming like our Father.” (THE HAKUNA MATATA LIFESTYLE, JULY 22, 2015)

27) “While our loving Father doesn’t control all that happens in this world, He has an eternal plan for our happiness. Part of that plan was to turn over this world to the control of nuts like us. In so doing He is offering to us the opportunity to grow and learn, through trial and error. Perhaps we might not like the results we are getting in our lives, but when the plan was presented to us in the pre-mortal life, the scriptures say we ‘shouted for joy!” (NUTS LIKE US, JULY 20, 2015)

28) “It is “drizzling” most of the time in life, and if you don’t partner up with the Lord, you’ll never find out the paradox of having dark clouds above, but feeling the full warmth of the “Son’s” rays that comes with faith in His love.” (A MARRIAGE BAKED IN THE ‘SON’, JULY 10, 2015)

29) “…enjoy whatever phase you’re in and learn from it. Then, when the next phase of life comes, accept it, and move forward with steadfastness and determination, and…with a smile! The “glory years” of our lives can be each year, this year, and last forever, if we choose to see them that way.” (THE GLORY YEARS OF OUR LIVES!, AUGUST 29, 2015)

30) “I discovered that in reality, it wasn’t the job that made it more difficult to be honorable in marriage, it was the type of man. I had bought into the myth that many men use to justify their infidelity. That somehow it was the circumstance, the job, the situation. It’s a lie! It isn’t any of that. It’s the character of the man.” (AS A MAN THINKETH, AUGUST 24, 2015)

31) “Kicking people out of families is not the Lord’s way. He gave families as support so that each member will be blessed at the time when their garden turns into Gethsemane.” (WHEN OUR GARDEN TURNS INTO GETHSEMANE, AUGUST 11, 2015)

32) “Perhaps we too have been the recipients of ‘answers to unasked prayers.” We pray to our Father above for many things we are in need of, but have we ever contemplated that our ‘unasked prayers’ are simply petitions that we never make because, well…we have no need to pray for what we already have?” (ANSWERS TO UNASKED PRAYERS, AUGUST 5, 2015)

33) “The blame game is much easier and can even garner sympathy from those around us. But it doesn’t help us find true happiness. It is a ‘Band Aid’ on a gaping wound that will not heal without the help of the master physician. No matter what the condition of our souls may be, may we look to Him who heals all and abandon the blame game of Cain that has existed from the beginning of time. In so doing we will find internal happiness and the peace we so desperately seek.” (THE SAME BLAME GAME AS CAIN, SEPTEMBER 30, 2015)

34) “The day may come when Mental Illness will take residency in our bodies but our souls are ‘of a different matter.’ And even though most of us understand that the Lord loves us, we will still look for the outstretched arms of others for support. May the Lord bless us with the wisdom, courage, and strength to persevere such trials, be we the lonely traveler, or the loving “Good Samaritan” who is charged to help those where mental illness has established a residency!” (WHEN MENTAL ILLNESS ESTABLISHES RESIDENCY, SEPT 16, 2015)

35) “All of us must make a decision to believe, or not to believe, in the path charted by the prophets, and then act accordingly. But let us not be seduced by the ways of the world and think that simply being a nice person is ‘good’ enough.” (THE SEDUCTION OF ‘GOOD’, SEPT 7, 2015)

36) “Each time we make important decisions in life, let us examine the ramifications such choices will have in the lives of those around us. Sometimes when we light a match, others get burned!” (DON’T TAKE YOUR LITTLE BROTHER WITH YOU!, SEPT 4, 2015)

37) “Dorothy, Scarecrow, Tin Man, and the Cowardly Lion, found out that knowledge is power. And there is no knowledge more powerful than understanding who we are, where we came from, why we are here, and where we are going! (WHAT I LEARNED IN THE LAND OF OZ, OCT 27, 2015)

38) “I know that the Savior lives and because of that, after the death of “this” salesman, I have faith that my life will go on and the associations I have made in this life will live on in the eternities. That knowledge helps me keep things in perspective so that I don’t sell myself short of the price already paid for my happiness!” (AFTER THE DEATH OF THIS SALESMAN…, OCT 26, 2015)

39) “It is a wondrous goal to see Christ while in the flesh but even more wondrous to see Him in your own reflection. (THE FATHER’S REFLECTION, OCT 25, 2015)

40) “Knowing you are a child of God is a powerful anti-depressant!” (KNOWING YOU ARE A CHILD OF GOD IS A POWERFUL ANTI-DEPRESSANT!), OCT 23, 2015)

41) “Surely all of us can be seen as half-full, or half-empty by our spouses. Nothing can be gained by looking for the empty half of our beloved, while looking for the full-side will encourage love, harmony, and devotion in our union.” (IS OUR SPOUSE HALF-EMPTY OR HALF FULL?, OCT 16, 2015)

42 “The crucible of marriage has produced the greatest gift of all. I began our marriage with the simple love that a man has for a woman. But what happened through the years, is that love changed. Over time the love of my wife has become the closest thing I can come to understanding the love of God. And by so developing, this love has made me happy…A proper marriage produces that kind of love. It’s not only worth the work, it’s to die for!” (THE CRUCIBLE OF MARRIAGE, NOV 22, 2015)

43) “The road of life really is paved with small decisions we make daily that can lead us safely to Heaven or Hell. (THE SAFEST ROAD TO HELL IS…, NOV 11, 2015)

44) “Perhaps we should all examine how we judge the faith of others. Reading about a religion is a far cry from actually practicing it. If we keep our minds and hearts open we may find that there is so much good in what others believe. We may not always agree, but by being more Christ-like in our attitudes, we can glean the best parts of their teachings that can add to the virtues we hold dear. (THE BIG PRESUMPTION, DECT 1, 2015)

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