The Early Bird Gets The Worm But It’s The Second Mouse That Gets The Cheese!


All of us know the fable of ‘The Tortoise and the Hare” and it’s moral.  Patience and endurance can and will pay off in the long run.  Victory doesn’t always go to the swiftest.  There is a related saying that was passed along to me by my mother which says:

“The early bird gets the worm but it’s the second mouse that gets the cheese.”

We are often taught that in order to get ahead in this world we need to be up early, working hard, and running full speed ahead. While this is basically true, we now live in perilous times.  Perhaps caution is also needed as we venture forward. Learning by others mistakes is a worthy and thoughtful way to go about life.  Many of those who have gone before us, be it our parents, elders, or others, have stepped in the trap from time to time while pursuing the cheese. They have experienced the pain that comes with making mistakes.  They can teach us, ‘the second mouse’, valuable lessons.

Let us be wise and listen to the council of those who love and want the best for us. Learning from the mistakes of others can often lead to the choice reward of tasting the finest cheeses that this life, and the next have to offer.  Let us follow the words of the Savior  so that we,  “Watch and pray, that (we) enter not into temptation,”  (Matt. 26:41)  After all, He who loves us best has already sprung the trap and paid the price. Let it not be in vain.


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