The Worth Of A Soul!


How much is a basketball worth? 10 bucks, 20 bucks?

How much is it worth if it is signed by LeBron James? 100 dollars, 200 dollars?

How much is that ball worth if it was signed by LeBron James and the ball was used in his first game as an NBA player in 2003?, 1000 dollars, 2000 dollars?

The ball is still the same. It is knowing the history of the ball that changes the value.

Like a ball, it’s funny how we can meet someone; not think much of them, but after learning of their history and background, they gain value in our eyes.  Suddenly, knowing “their” history changes the way we look at them.

What is the worth or value of a soul? The Lord said it was ‘great’ in His sight. (D&C 18:10) “Even the very hairs of (our) head are all numbered” unto the Lord. (Luke 12:7) That statement alone should tell us the value that God places on each of us.

Having knowledge of the plan of salvation and that we existed long before we came to this earth should give us sufficient knowledge and understanding so that in our daily interactions with others we see more than just a common Jim, or Sally in front of us. Knowing that each is a son or daughter of God who is uniquely talented should raise their value in our minds to that of ‘superstar’ status!



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