The Kidnap Of Chili Rose!


I’m riding in the car on my way to work a few years ago when over the radio I hear of the kidnapping of Chili Rose. I’m pretty sure that Chili Rose must be some person of fame, but I quickly take an inventory of my mind and find nothing. I soon find out that it is a local kidnapping which intrigues me even more. Chili Rose, Chili Rose, who is Chili Rose? The news reporter than explains that the abduction occurred in one of the local libraries, apparently in broad daylight. My gosh, I think, some poor child! I mean Chili Rose is an unusual name for a child, but, people name their kids just about anything these days.

Anyway, the report doesn’t go on much longer before it is revealed that Chili Rose is a tarantula. Now why someone would kidnap a tarantula, I don’t know, but more puzzling to me was what is a tarantula doing in a public library? Come to find out that Chili Rose is a bit of a celebrity to the children and the staff is using the spider as a way to draw children into the library. Chili Rose is a resident of the front desk. Symbolically, they are drawing the children into the “spider’s web” of education. It must be working, as I have never heard, via the radio, of the kidnap of a spider before now.

The kidnap of Chili Rose brought to mind how often “lures” are used to entice us. In this case, the library staff is trying to do something good by using a spider to promote education. More often than not “lures” are used to promote evil.

The values of God are being challenged on every front against every virtue we hold dear. The words of the prophets are straightforward. They warn us of the “lure” of evil that is so prevalent in our times. The “lures” come packaged in pretty paper and wrapped in the most colorful ribbons. For the carnal man, Satan encourages basic bodily needs with the lure of no responsibilities or consequences. Fame and fortune are held out to entice and deceive us into thinking that “they” are the most important measures of successful living. The manner and variety of methods used by the adversary to lead us astray are countless. It is therefore important to keep ourselves close to the Lord.

Jeffrey Holland gave wise counsel in his talk entitled “Safety for the Soul”. In it he spoke of the perils of this life and testified of the importance of gaining and maintaining a testimony. His final word from that talk were:

“Brothers and sisters, God always provides safety for the soul…He has again done that in our time. Remember this declaration by Jesus himself: “Whoso treasureth up my word, shall not be deceived”-and in the last days neither your heart nor your faith will fail you” (“Safety for the Soul,” Liahona, Nov 2009).

The case of the missing spider was solved when he was returned without incident. Like Chili Rose the tarantula, who was used to entice the children to the library, the daily reading of the scriptures will bring forth the enticing of the Holy Spirit. This will provide us with God’s needed protection in perilous times.  May all of us resist the lure to go against the will of our Father by allowing us to be kidnapped by the ways of the world.


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