The ‘Kruk’ Of The Matter

Those who know me well know how much baseball has been a part of my life. On many occasions, for birthdays, and other important events, I have sent random baseball cards to others just for the joy of doing it. The card have often been random, and the card is simply something I like to give. But on occasion, I have given a baseball card that has a deep meaning to me. I once sent a two-sided card to my brother, who was terminally ill, inside a plastic case of his favorite player, Mickey Mantle, and mine, Bobby Richardson. Both were teammates of the NY Yankees in the 1960’s. It was symbolic to me, of our brotherhood. Since his death, it was given back to me and I hold it dear to my heart.

I recently received a baseball card of Buckey Dent, who I used as a storyline in a DiscipleMD that I wrote about my wife. I was deeply touched when one of my long-ago friends sent it to me as a “Thank you” for that story. In the 1990’s I sent a card of John Kruk to a good friend of mine, Raul, who had my admiration. The dirty uniform on Kruk reminded me of the devotion this selfless man had given to many and that he was willing to get his uniform “dirty” to help others out. He still does today. Recently, he and his wife accepted an assignment far from home by our church to serve once again. He and his wife dutifully accepted. His assignment is near my new home. I hope to see them.

In 2002 my mother died. Losing your mother, no matter how old you are, is an agonizing loss. Shortly thereafter, a sympathy card arrived in the mail with a handwritten note. Tucked inside was this same John Kruk card from Raul and an encouraging note acknowledging his love and concern for me and my well-being. I can’t tell you the impact that had on me. I now proudly display both cards in my office. They both have real value to me. They remind me of the goodness of others in blessing my life.

What is the message? Well, the answer, of course, is that little things we do can have a giant and powerful impact on the lives of others for good! And that is the “Crux” of the matter!

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