The Last Letter!


Three months before my Mother passed away she and My Dad were able to attend my son’s missionary farewell held at the church building. Afterwards we had a pleasant afternoon as we all gathered at the house for lunch celebrating his mission call combined with my Dad’s birthday. I still remember my Mom being pushed in through the garage in her wheelchair by my Father. It was the last time my Mom came up to our home before moving out west. Shortly after my parents visited, my wife and I received a note from my Mother. It is the last letter that I have that is in her handwriting. On the front is a picture of a little girl in a big hat hoeing in a garden. The front of the card is very appropriate for my Mom as she loved flowers and the garden. She wrote:

Dear Scott & Vic,

I just wanted to write a note to thank you for the wonderful Sunday we had. Dad and I came home radiating from the birthday celebration and Ryan’s farewell. What a great day. The family out west just loved Ryan. It’s been good the girls have been out west to welcome the boys. We will miss you so much but the e-mail will help. We are so proud of our family and love you all so much. Thanks again- Love Mom & Dad

It was just a common note. Nothing particularly grand about the message, except…my Mom passed away three months to the day from that letter. I am sure that my Mom didn’t know when she wrote it, that this small note would mean so much to me. I have treasured having it over the years. Small things can mean so much. Letters, cards and e-mails today become history tomorrow. We need to cherish and keep track of them. We can find joy and a wellspring of love in them for years to come which can serve as an inspiration in our darkest times.

When we feel so inspired, let us lift a writing instrument and pen a note to a loved one. We never know when such a small gesture will end up becoming an important part of another’s precious memory.

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