The Lord Has A Lot To Say!


Sometimes listening to others who claim to have superior knowledge, is offensive, even if the “other” actually “does” have knowledge of value to give. Sometimes it is the manner in which the “knowledge” is given which offends. If it is presented with pride or haughtiness, we often reject it. On the other hand, sometimes we don’t want to accept what others say just because of our own pride. All of us like to feel “intelligent” and accepting truth or knowledge from others somehow means we are “less” than them. It is important to understand that as we humble ourselves, we become teachable and in so doing we become receptive to truth and light. That truth and light can come from sources that we don’t admire or even like. Recently I was listening on the radio to a preacher of another faith. After listening for awhile, I formed an opinion of this preacher and it wasn’t favorable. I was about to change the frequency when he landed on a point that I found interesting, and although I couldn’t stand his delivery style or the condescending nature of his voice, I continued to listen to his sermon. There in the middle of the sermon was a point of doctrine that sounded true and something I had never thought of. I really didn’t want to acknowledge, in my mind, that he knew a point of doctrine better than I did. So I blocked it out of my mind and switched the channel. What was the point of doctrine that he taught me? The answer sadly is “I don’t remember.” Why? Well, it is because I rejected the messenger and in so doing I rejected his total message. My ego robbed me of a piece of knowledge he had, that I could have gained but for my pride.

It is not the first and sadly probably not the last time I will throw away truths because of my foolishness! There are bits and pieces of truth found in many different places. It is not against the Lord’s will for us to find truth and knowledge in diverse places and then incorporate them into our lives.

The Lord inspires and direct His work here on earth. He orchestrates his “work and glory” through many different avenues. Primary of which is through the living apostles and prophets. If we keep our mind’s receptive to the spirit, then, when truth comes along, we will recognize it. The Lord really does have “a lot to say,” we just need to be humble enough to accept it in all it’s forms.

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