The Most Important Words My Granddaughters Sang!


The world has a way of defining for my granddaughters who they are! So it was that as I sat in church a couple of years back,  and watched three of them sing with all the other children, I couldn’t help but think how sad that is, as this world can be harsh. It’s especially brutal on young girls these days. Are they smart enough, good looking enough, talented enough? Are they successful? Do they wear the right clothes? Do they come from a good enough home? Are they “ENOUGH” as a person? Will they ever feel that they are measuring up to the standards of our society?

Then like a shot of golden sunlight entering the chapel, the children started to sing a familiar song to me. It began:

“I am a child of God and He has sent me here.”

I can’t quite describe what came over me, but it was very emotional to my soul. They were singing what I so desperately want them to know and internalize. Because if they did, they would not let the world define who they are, because they are far more than of this world. They are daughters of a loving Father who watches over them and loves them. They are far better than the world imagines. They are eternal and have eternal worth. They are infinitely more than the cut of their clothes, the smoothness of their skin, or the talents they bare. They are royalty! They really are Princesses! Not of the world of Disney, but of another world where their birthright is certain and their destination is sure.

And as I listened to their sweet voices, I wanted them to know it was true. I want them to feel it. I want them to know that those words were the most important words they will ever sing. I want!

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