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“I really can’t explain it but it happened.  In 2002 my mother passed away and I thought I was handling her loss very well.  Then, one Sunday, a few weeks after my mother died, a fellow church member came up to me and gave condolences regarding my loss.  I felt tears start to swell in my eyes as I thanked him for his kindness.  Then, the flood gates opened up and I started to sob.  I mean sob right there in the middle of the chapel with all sorts of people in close proximity. As my tears flowed this kind man put his arms around me and when he did I laid my head on his shoulder and sobbed till I had nothing left. I was so embarrassed.  Yet, there I was, crying uncontrollably while being held in the arms by this good brother. He never pushed me away nor did he make me feel uncomfortable about my behavior.  In fact, I will say that it felt, at that moment, as though the Savior himself was holding me in his arms…” FULL MESSAGE AT…

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