The Testimony Of A Simple Farm Girl


“…Before I leave this life, I want all of you to know how much I love the Gospel of Jesus Christ and how much it means to me. As a little girl, I didn’t have a lot of worldly goods, but I had good parents. I was born and raised on a ranch in Idaho in a dirt roof log cabin with one room. Each evening before I could read, I would view pictures of the life of Christ through what my father called a “telescope”. They showed Jesus born in a manger, the shepherds and the wise men and the flight into Egypt and Jesus in the temple. His complete life. Oh, how I loved those pictures…The gospel of Jesus Christ is true grandchildren!

A child will always remember what he is taught and believe it when taught as a child. Grandchildren, you have been taught well. Teach your children the gospel while they are young. The young people today need the gospel taught and lived in their homes with their parents, greater than at any time in this dispensation. Satan is real!…May God continue to bless you!”

I am sure that my Mom never really imagined, no matter how logical, that her days in this life would come to an end but they did. So I am so grateful that she left behind her written testimony on several different occasions. The world has changed so much since she was a little girl. It has become much more complex and sophisticated. But the gospel message has stayed very simple. Its saving message is found  in her few words written above. It’s really all we need to know in order to compel us forward towards exaltation. It’s a simple message about a simple carpenter,  from a simple farm girl, that if taken to heart, will profoundly affect us and our families, in this life, and for all eternity.



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