Visions Of Hi(drant)waymen!


Recently my wife was on the balcony of an elderly woman administering some medication. As they both enjoyed the spring weather the women, pointing to the corner across the street, said, “That man under the street light, in the red shirt, is always sitting there when I come out.” My wife looked and couldn’t see anyone so she started looking up and down the street. The elderly women, somewhat annoyed, pointed again directly across the street, and said, “No, no, not down there, right there; across the street! He’s right there!” My wife once again looked across the street and seeing no one, replied, “You mean the fire hydrant.” Her patient sighed, then turned and walked back inside.

Gary Rohrmayer once said, “Vision is capturing God’s assignment.” An assignment from God may or may not seem like a reality for each of us, but I submit that understanding who we are will give us the vision to accomplish great things in this life. The writer of proverbs wrote:

“Where there is no vision, the people perish…” (29:18)

I would also submit that when we, as individuals, have no vision, we too will perish. Knowing we are of noble birthright and that we are sons and daughters of a loving God is paramount in our development and on how we see this life and the eternities. Earth life is beset with trials, challenges, and set backs that can discourage even the most optimistic of people. Yet, having a clear vision of our past, our present, and our future should give us hope and inspiration to tackle each day with vigor and determination knowing that we are shooting stars destined for eternal glory and a return to He who created us.
I know many people can’t see us as embryos of a God, but I found out from my wife’s story, that sometimes a common fire hydrant, symbolically a source of life, can become a man dressed in red. It just takes great vision on the part of the seer!

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