Waiting For ‘The Iron Horse To The City Of Angels’


“And the gates of it shall not be shut at all by day: for there shall be no night there.” (Rev. 21:25)

The sounds of the station are so vibrant and filled with ‘colors my world.’  The bustle of the passengers, and  the shouts of the vendors are all about us.  Life is at it’s zenith, yet at the end of everyday we wait…wait…wait to hear our names called and for the conductor to punch our ticket to board the train that leads back to our home.  But it’s always the name of someone else called each day.   Most often the names are of those we don’t know, strangers and the sort. But the longer we live, the more often the names of those we love come up. And so they leave us, often without even having the chance to say ‘goodbye,’ never to return. Yes, the train to sights unseen comes back everyday,  but never with any return passengers on board.

One thing we all understand is that one day our name will be called. Our ticket will be punched, and we will board that train that will take us to an unearthly destination. A destination that, for believers in Christ, holds hope, joy and peace.  For believers, that train will take them to a place of respite, and glory. Indeed, for the faithful, the promises of the Savior of,  “Come, ye blessed of my Father, inherit the kingdom prepared for you from the foundation of the world,” (Matthew 25:34) will be realized.

For a few, the names of all who they have ever loved have been called, and their personal platform at the station is empty, and they are left standing alone…waiting, waiting…waiting. And while these disciples of Christ, are left alone at the station, they enjoy life because either way, when you are waiting for the train to return home, both the excitement of the trip, and of the anticipated reunion, hold joy beyond measure.

That’s the greatest blessing I find in having faith in Jesus Christ while I am waiting for the ‘Iron Horse’ to Zion.  It’s the hope that someone will be waiting on the other side to pick me up when I disembark, and that the City of Angels will be everything I have ever imagined!  I hope the countryside is as beautiful as I have pictured in my mind! I hope my loved ones will be there! I hope to see my Savior, Jesus Christ! I hope there will be no night!  I hope!

(Pictured- My then 88 year old Father-Shoshone, Idaho who got on “The Iron Horse to Zion” in 2020.)

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