A Belief In A Supreme Being Is A Sign Of Strength; Not Weakness!


“Religious myths are an invention of those seeking power and wealth. The power-hungry certainly have no intention of making life pleasant for others…They know religion is a fake, but use it to enjoy life at the expense of others. The few atheists I know are guided by the law and enjoy as much as possible without bothering others. Most are willing to overlook those religiously inspired fanatics misguided by mythology.”

The above quote was lifted by me from a letter to the editor and published by a large newspaper here in the United States. The words sounded familiar to me.

“O ye that are bound down under a foolish an a vain hope, why do ye yoke yourselves with such foolish things? Why do ye look for a Christ?…Behold, these things which ye call prophecies, which ye say are handed down by holy prophets, behold, they are foolish traditions of your fathers…Ye look forward and say that ye see a remission of your sins. But behold, it is the effect of a frenzied mind; and this derangement of your minds comes because of the traditions of your fathers…ye keep them down…that ye may glut yourselves with the labors of their hands, that they durst not look up with boldness, and that they durst not enjoy their rights and privileges…and…if they did not so according to their words, offend some unknown being, who they say is God- a being who never has been seen or known, who never was nor ever will be.”(Alma 30: 13,14,16,24,27-28).

It is a familiar complaint from atheists that “religion” is for the “weak”; created by men to give themselves “purpose” or a “meaning” to life. But I have always felt it was the opposite. A belief in a supreme being requires strength to overcome the naturally “selfish” man and become something higher than a common animal. A belief in God is uplifting and gives value to man, his nature, his origin, and his destiny; while the atheists answers only to himself and “his” law. There is no question that “religion” has been abused over the centuries, but this is due to a corruption of the “laws” of God by man and it’s “unrighteous” implementation. But, properly taught, the understanding of man’s personal relationship with God, can only elevate the soul.

Korihor, the author of the above quotes, later recounted his words with this explanation, “I taught them because they were pleasing unto the carnal mind; and I taught them, even until I had much success, insomuch that I verily believed that they were true; and for this cause I withstood the truth…” (Alma 30:53). Indeed, it is “pleasing unto the carnal mind” to hear that we are not accountable to a Supreme Being for our actions, but only to the laws of man. Those laws can be manipulated, changed, and corrupted according the whims of who has the power. I place my trust in the prophets. I have faith in them, but more importantly, I have faith in the testimony that I feel so deeply, that God does live, and that I am His son. How much more ennobling can that thought be!

I read Korihor’s words while in my teens some 45 years ago. I don’t know the person who wrote the above “letter to the editor” but they sound hauntingly familiar to his! I didn’t believe Korihor’s words than, and I don’t believe this man’s words now.

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