What Do You Want To Be When You Grow Up? She Replied…”A Mother!”


Several years ago I was privy to this exchange while riding to the airport.  My father jokingly asked my  then 20-year-old daughter a probing question. He said, “So,  what do you want to be when you grow up?” Her response was quick and resolute, “A mother!” A warm wave of the spirit washed over me when I heard her response.  Could there really be a more important “job?”

Recently I was reading an article entitled “A Call for Good Women” by Christopher D. Curzon, J.D. found in Meridan Magazine. In it he expressed some of my long-held views that I feel have been echoed by the leaders of the church. He had this to say:

“Women are literally the cornerstone of societal stability; to the extent that when women take the moral lead in society, morality and social advancement flourish. This point is important for this reason: a democracy cannot survive with amoral citizens. It has never been historically done, and it cannot happen today. Indeed, women are the foundation of morality, and morality has its existence in religion…. The fact is that men need moral women. Perhaps one of the greatest tragedies of the feminist movement was the preoccupation of many feminists to make women more like men. To a large degree, the feminists abandoned the stay-at-home mother and those who desired the traditional family experience.”

Today, of course, many homes are headed by single mothers who by no choice of their own, have been left with the dual role of providing for, and being  the moral cornerstone of the family unit. I am sure that the Lord will sustain and watch over these outstanding mothers as they tackle the almost insurmountable task laid before them.  Not even all homes that have a father and mother in them have the ability to sustain a ‘stay at home’ Mom. However, every household should seriously evaluate the possibility of providing the great blessing that a ‘stay at home’ Mom can provide to children who desperately need their influence. It’s an option worthy of consideration.



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