When Midnight Comes To The Ball!


Lost in the glamor of the story of Cinderella is a lesson that we might miss. By arriving at the ball while pretending to be someone she isn’t, Cinderella sets herself up for disaster as her “hoax” is sure to be revealed at the strike of midnight. I imagine she was nervous all night! She barely averts the discovery of her true identity by running out of the ball leaving “Prince Charming” with an empty hand and empty heart. Alas, as this is a fairytale, all’s well that ends well and the two lovers find each other and live happily ever after. But real life is very different!

Recently Dieter Uchtdorf gave a talk directed at young women. In it he stated:

“…stay true to what you know is right. Everywhere you look today, you will find promises of happiness. Ads in magazines promise total bliss if you will only buy a certain outfit, shampoo, or makeup. Certain media productions glamorize those who embrace evil or who give in to base instincts. Often these same people are portrayed as models of success and accomplishment.”

Uchtdorf’s sound advise could very well have been for adults as well. Perhaps we feel we need to look a certain way, like a Prince or Princess. Perhaps our gowns and suits need to be finer, or our automobiles a bit more stylish. The ways to please the world are endless in nature as we often feel we are one step behind the trends. Happy indeed, is the person who shows up at the ball dressed as themselves, for the fear of midnight is not in the back of their mind, and the joy of the entire night is not marred by the fear of being ‘discovered.’

“You are a beloved daughter of Heavenly Father, prepared to come to the earth at this particular time for a sacred and glorious purpose.” (Young Women Personal Progress Book)

Referring to the above words, Utchdorf exclaimed:
“…those words are true! They are not made up in a fairy tale! Isn’t it remarkable to know that our eternal Heavenly Father knows you, hears you, watches over you, and loves you with an infinite love? In fact, His love for you is so great that He has granted you this earthly life as a precious gift of “once upon a time,” complete with your own true story of adventure, trial, and opportunities for greatness, nobility, courage, and love. And, most glorious of all, He offers you a gift beyond price and comprehension. Heavenly Father offers to you the greatest gift of all—eternal life—and the opportunity and infinite blessing of your own “happily ever after.” (“Your Happily Ever After”)

If we are true to ourselves, we need not fear the sound of the chimes, from the clock on the wall, when midnight comes to the Ball.

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