When Suicide Enters Our Mind!


I know many have battled, at different times in their lives, with the thought of ending it all. By so doing, the pain will end,  and they will cease to suffer the extremities of their agony be it physical, mental, emotional, or spiritual. I have never reached that point in my life, yet, like many, I have taken a step or two into the darkness from time to time, and have experienced, for a moment, the hell of it all. A glimpse is all you need to be frightened by such a feeling.

I have counseled with many people over the years who suffer from such darkness. Often the teachings of Jesus Christ will chase aways such feelings of pain. But for some, even the light of the gospel has a hard time illuminating their souls. The causes of such hopelessness are varied without number. Such thoughts strike both young and old, male and female, and seemingly enter into the lives of many who admit, yet can’t feel, that they have wonderful blessings that should make their lives worth living.

For all among us who find ourselves in such a state of mind, my hope is that we wil seek out help, both professional, and spiritual. May we always remember our value to the Lord and that His love towards us is ever reaching and constant. (John 3:16)

May the Lord bless us all so that we can help all those who entertain thoughts of taking their own life. There can be no greater way to comply with the Lord’s command to “love one another.” (John 13:34), than being there in a time of need for one who is struggling with such thoughts.

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