When The Weight Of The World Is Ours


With all the responsibilities that come from being a husband, father, provider,  and church member,  there have been times when I have felt somewhat overwhelmed. However, I have tried to keep my life in balance and was uplifted lately by re-reading the words of  the late Joseph B.Wirthlin. Part of his remarks state:

“We can easily get our lives out of balance. I remember a few years that were particularly challenging for me. Our family had grown to seven children. I had served as a counselor in the bishopric and was then given the sacred call as bishop of our ward. I was striving to manage our business that required long hours each day.

There was simply too much to do in the time available. Instead of sacrificing things of significance, I decided I’d get up earlier, take care of my business, then spend the time required to be a good father and husband and a faithful member of the Church. It wasn’t easy. There were mornings when the alarm clock went off that I cracked open an eyelid and glared at it, daring it to keep ringing.

Nevertheless, the Lord was merciful and helped me to find the energy and time to do all I had committed to do. Although it was difficult, I have never regretted making the choice to heed the Savior’s call and follow Him. Think of the debt we owe to Him. Jesus is “the resurrection, and the life: he that believeth in [Him], though he were dead, yet shall he live.” There are those who have great wealth, yet they would give their all to add just a few additional years, months, or even days to their mortal lives. What should we be willing to give for eternal life? (April 2002 GC, “Follow Me”)

There is nothing magical about time management. The Lord will not provide us extra hours in the day to accomplish all we need to do.  However, with His help, and our sweat, we can receive the wisdom needed to better organize our time such that we can handle the various responsibilities that come our way. Sometimes it requires that we postpone some things we want for things of more importance. But sacrifice has always been required of faithful followers of the Savior.

Whether we are a mother of young children, or a father trying to make ends meet, when the weight of the world is ours, may we remember the words of Christ: “For my yoke is easy, and my burden is light.” (Matt. 11:30) May we exercise faith in prayer. As we “seek (we) shall find.” (Luke 11:9)





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