When We Choke On The ‘Clear Candy’


A few years ago my wife was making brownies for her young women church class. Caramel was a key ingredient in the recipe. She asked me to unwrap the clear cellophane off the individual caramel pieces so that she could melt them. There were about forty pieces that needed my attention. I dutifully unwrapped each one and then handed the pan to my wife who put them on the stove and melted them down to a sweet syrup that was poured onto the brownies. I never thought another thing about it….until my wife came home from teaching her class. She related to me that she passed out the brownies as part of her lesson and that in the middle of teaching she noticed that one of the girls was having a hard time eating her brownie. With divided attention she kept teaching while observing that the young lady was struggling to eat it. It then dawned on my wife that a cellophane wrapper was baked inside the brownie and that the young lady, while enjoying the treat, was trying to figure out why she was having such a problem eating it. My wife was dying of embarrassment knowing that she had baked a wrapper into it. Of course I was the guilty party and although I thought I had taken all the clear wrappers off the caramel, obviously I had missed at least one. (Later I found out it was two!). What was supposed to be a great treat for this young woman, turned out for her, to be a sticky mess!

The thing that bothered me most about the “brownie blunder” was that I was certain that I got all the clear wrappers off the candy. But, upon reflection, I remembered that I merely gave the final job a “good look” over, rather than a through examination. I depended on my eyes to make the final determination regarding the completion of the assignment and we all know that sometimes “looks can be deceiving.” The “clear coat” on the candy escaped my eyes because I wasn’t careful enough. I didn’t take the time to thoroughly examine each and every piece. While the young women ended up choking on the wrapper, no serious consequence came of it; but it could have.

It is very easy to get lazy as we go along, just “glancing” at the way we live our lives. From time to time we need to take a close examination of how we are doing, lest we overlook small things that can have large consequences on our spiritual, mental, and physical health. Things that are carnal to man, sometimes come wrapped in unseen consequences that we do not see until it is too late. Let us be wise and do an inventory of the way we are living our lives lest:

“ye are deceived; and that ye may not be deceived seek ye earnestly the best gifts, always remembering for what they are given.”

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