When We Deprive Ourselves


On a Sunday a number of years ago, I was visiting one of the church branches in the city. I took my wife with me that day.  Finding time to spend together when you have five children at home is sometimes hard to come by,  so she rode with me to my assignment.  I went into the chapel to fulfill my responsibilities and she decided to stay in the car and read in the scriptures. I don’t recall anything about my assignment but I found it enlightening that the other day my wife reminded me of that day. Interestingly enough she told me how that day was such a spiritual experience for her. Why? Because she had been left alone in the car to read the scriptures in peace and quiet! Left alone to “find solace.”

I don’t recall how many times I traveled around the state and finding that I had a few minutes between assignments, pulled over in a “park and ride” to stop and read in the scriptures. It was always refreshing to stop, and “find solace” in the shelter of my car by reading the word of God. It gave me time to ponder on my life, my family and other important aspects of life. Partaking of the fruits of the gospel through all its programs is delicious. But feasting on the words of Christ, as found in the scriptures, can be equally or more satisfying. We live in fast paced times. Hurry here; hurry there! Get this done, get that done! Go! Go! Go! Sometimes we hurry so much to “preach” the gospel that we forget to “partake” of the gospel. We deprive ourselves of the very “fruit” we so desperately offer to others.

Life is filled with “things to do”.  Young parents are especially pressed. For mothers it can be almost impossible to find time alone. Husbands would be wise to spell their wives of their home duties from time to time in order to provide their mates with opportunities to rejuvenate their souls.  What better way to do that than when one takes time to commune with deity.  The dividends of so doing will be great. If you have a car, you can easily find ‘solace’ just by driving around the neighborhood or finding someplace to park and meditate. And it is interesting how the Lord is also no respecter of automobiles. Be it a new Lexus or an old Ford, the Lord’s spirit will enter into them equally as powerful!

Let us not get so lost “in the gospel” that, while we  enjoy the shade it provides from the heat of life’s journey, we miss out on the replenishing nature of eating the precious fruit. 


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