“When You Showed Up Unannounced, I Knew The Lord Still Loved Me!”


Many years ago on a Sunday I drove to a chapel  to conduct some church business. While attending I spoke with the local church leader.  One of the brothers I needed  to speak to was home with a sick baby. He invited me to visit with him at his home.  It had already been a long day and I really wanted to go home to be with my family. However when it was mentioned he would be visiting another member at the hospital and another church member who was suffering from a lifetime illness,  I felt promoted to go and visit those in need.  I am grateful I did.

We first visited the brother home with a sick child. I spoke with him and before leaving he asked if we could give him a priesthood blessing as he had been going through some difficult times.  We then went on to the hospital and visited a wonderful faithful brother who was doing well, and was expected to go home that day.  Two days later I received a phone call that this brother had unexpected passed away.  Life is very fragile!……. I was grateful that we had taken the time that Sunday to visit this good man and also leave a blessing upon him. We next visited a sister who had recently been diagnoses with multiple sclerosis.  In the course of our visit she expressed her depression about her circumstance which was certainly understandable. We visited for about an hour. At the conclusion of our visit she also asked for a Priesthood blessing. I was touched by their wonderful hospitality and faith in the Lord. I had known the family for many years. After I arrived home I received a phone call from this sister telling me she now felt a purpose to go on with life. She also told me she had been praying the past few days to the Lord to send me personally to their home. (I had been their former local church leader) Then she said, “When you showed up “unannounced”,  I knew the Lord still loved me!”  What a humbling experience it was for me to hear those words. What a great blessing it was, for both of us,  to know that the Lord answers prayers, and that He does so by inspiring and prompting common men and women. I have not always been the best at listening to spiritual promptings,  but I was happy that at least on that occasion, I had listened to the still small voice.

I have had many experiences in my life that lead me to believe that the Lord often answers prayers through other people. It is up to us to live our lives such that when the Lord needs us, we will be ready to respond and become  that “answer” for someone who is in need. I learned a great lesson that day,  that not only do we need to listen to the spirit,  but more importantly, we need to act on its prompting.

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