When You’re Sixty!


Today, May 12th,  is the day “I lived a good life.” Today I turn sixty years old. The big one! If I had passed on yesterday I would have still been fifty-nine and my passing would have been tragic. After all, when you die in your fifties, you’re still young. Whenever I hear of someone dying when they are in their fifties, I always say, “They were so young. What a tragedy!” However, when someone is in their sixties and the grim reaper paid them a visit, I almost always say, with a bit of nonchalance, “Well…he lived a good life.” Somehow I equated being sixty as having lived a ‘full life.” Of course, now that my life is ‘full,” somehow I want more. What do I want more of? The answer is “life!”

Yes, life with all its privileges is what we all want. Sometimes we get so caught up in our problems that we lose the beauty of living each day. What a wonderful gift it is to wake up and see the dawn of a new day with all its possibilities! Each day…and I mean each day, has something special to offer us in the way of its magnificence, no matter our circumstance. If we examine our daily lives, we will discover that there is something good happening to us daily. Daily! That is a true statement!

Some of us have now ‘lived a good life.’ Now, everyday is a bonus. We should appreciate that and enjoy every moment of it. We know hard times may be ahead. Our bodies and minds will continue to deteriorate and that will not be fun. But, now that we have ‘lived a good life,’ each day onward we should try to look for the beauty that surrounds us and bask in the glory of it all, because we shouldn’t miss savoring a moment of life in all its grandeur!

The other day I was behind an old man in a check out line. He was hobbling and could barely walk. He looked like he was a hundred and two! But a funny thing happened as he passed in front of me. He gave me a smile and I smiled back. And I didn’t see a face ravaged by age. I just saw a countenance that carried a smile. And for a instance, all my cares disappeared as he gave me a moment of joyful rest from my journey now ‘full.’

For all those who have ‘lived a good life,’ there are still joys beyond measure to find, interesting people to meet, and places to see. But more importantly, there are hearts to touch, smiles to give, and lives to bless. May we remember to enjoy the beauty and magnificence of God’s handiwork on a daily basis! We’ve lived a good life, but there is plenty more..in store…to explore!

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