Why My Wife Is Really ‘The Woman Of My Dreams’


Today is a day of celebration, not just because my wife and I are in Hawaii on a wonderful vacation, but this day is incredibly eventful for me, as I also celebrate my wife’s birthday. I not only celebrate it, I honor it!

As a boy and then as a young man, I conjured up in my immature mind a girl who would somehow capture my heart, mind, body, and soul and forever be the girl; then woman of my dreams. That somehow, somewhere, I would find a girl who could hold my interest, and keep me forever young! I don’t know who in their right mind believes in such fairytales! But for a lucky few, like me, fairytales do come true!

As I have grown in maturity, I have discovered that my wife is so much more than the sophomoric concepts of my youth. My tribute to her, after watching her these many decades, is my respect, honor and love! No need to elaborate!

When you really love a woman, you don’t want to disappoint her because, more than anything else, you want to be the ‘man of her dreams.’ And even though you know that really can’t be, you love her even more for her grace in accepting that fact. And you discover, as a husband, that’s why she is really the ‘woman of your dreams,’ because she loves you anyway!

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