Would That All Men Should Be So Lucky!


When visiting with my now deceased Father, I could always count on leaving with some pearls of wisdom. It has come to my attention that few men quote their father as much as I do! It is rare that I give a talk that I don’t mention his name in some way or the other. I suppose it is because he taught me so much by example and by how he conducted his life. He has had a great stabilizing influence in my life. I could always count on good sound counsel when I talked to him about problems that were presented to me. On what would have been his 94th birthday, his influence will be felt for many years to come. Because of him, I am sure of my way and know that I have been pointed down the right path! Would that all men should be so lucky!

My testimony grows daily and I consider myself the most blessed man around. The gift of working with outstanding men and women for many years has made me stronger and wiser.  I find no greater souls than the men and women of the church.  I am grateful for the plan of salvation and my understanding of its role in my life. I hold my testimony close to my heart and pray always that I might not faint. I endeavor to be of service but know my weaknesses hold me back. That is a cause of pain. But I have always felt the Lord in my life and know He has patience with my shortcomings. Of His love I have always felt. It has been a strength to me in my darkest time and continues to be my strength in times of peril. I pray in my heart that I may be faithful to the end. These feelings have been promoted, fostered and encouraged by my earthly father. Would that all men should be so lucky!

I have read much and continue to try to learn more in my search for spiritual knowledge and understanding of who I am and what the Lord would want me to do and become. This has provided me the tools to build a strong and solid house. As the rains have come I have known who to look to and where to go to pass the test. My house stands and although it shows some signs of wear I am hopeful that it will pass through the storms ahead. My father has given me a solid foundation on which to build my life. Would that all men should be so lucky!

As I survey the world and its immensity, I marvel at the goodness of the Lord in giving me my life and all of its blessings. This outlook has been instilled in me by my Father. Would that all men should be so lucky!

We do have a Father above who has all the attributes to help us build lives full of love and purpose. Would that all men should be so lucky…as to know!

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