A Father’s Day Card To Remember!


Being the father of five kids and now advancing in age, I have by now received hundreds of father’s day cards. They have all been heartfelt and wonderfully express my children’s love and gratitude to me. I have loved them all. No matter how insignificant they think their card will be to me, they need to know that it always lifts my spirits. So this past Father’s Day when a card arrived in the mail from my daughter who lives out of town, I opened it that day, which was in advance of the celebrated day. In it she had named five very specific traits that she thought were good, that she had incorporated into her life, that she attributed to my teachings.

If you asked me what I taught my children while they were growing up, I don’t think I would have listed any of the five attributes that she wrote on that card. I was flattered that she thought those fine attributes, that she has, came from me. And weather they did or not I don’t know for sure. I really think she got them from her mother. But I was touched, as all parents are, when a child gets specific about what you have taught them. Because heaven knows, parents certainly take the rap for many of the negative things that come out of their kids.

So if you have your parents here on the earth. Take a moment and jot down some specific wonderful things that you were taught and have incorporated into your life. Then send it in an envelope sealed with love. Don’t wait till next Mother’s or Father’s Day because time has a way of robbing us of unfinished business. My time to write something to my parents ended last year. And I wish I had one more chance to write and tell my Mom and Dad just what I gained from all their hard work with this imperfect son. But more than anything else, by taking the time to make an inventory of our lives, we would probably realize that our parents taught us wonderful and priceless things that are still blessing our lives. And they should know that all their hard work didn’t go for naught. And by focusing on all the great things our parents taught us, we will gain a greater appreciation for them. And that’s a good thing…for us both!

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