A Tale Of Two “Zities”

My wife and I had lunch at the Olive Garden the other day. We both ordered Baked Ziti. By the time we started eating our main course, we were both stuffed with soup and bread, so we both ate very little of the Ziti. We asked our waiter to bring us boxes for take home. As we scooped our Ziti into the boxes simultaneously, she in hers and me in mine, I said, “How will we know which is which, since we both didn’t eat much and it looks like the boxes will be about the same?” She just smiled but did not answer.

That night we decided to finish off the Zita. She got out the two boxes and opened them up. Then she said, “Which one do you think is yours?” I looked at them both and started to laugh. Mine had been tossed into the container randomly, without considering whether it was ‘pretty’ or looked appetizing. It wasn’t even put in right side up! On the other hand, Hers was gently placed in the box as if it was ready to be presented to a King.

“In the best of times and the worst of times,” what is the difference between men and women? It’s in the “Tale of Two Zities!”

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