The Raging Bonfire of Eternal Love!


On the big and little screen ‘young love’ is portrayed with such vigor and excitement. Fireworks are going off literally and figuratively as the young couple shares their passion on screen with such velocity that is designed to take your breath away! The key word of course is ‘designed’ and the power of their love is most often tied into the physical. We are of course, physical beings, so this kind of attraction of love always strike a cord in our hearts. However, in a day and age of what I call, ‘easy love,’ the kind of love portrayed on the screen would lead one to believe that the power and passion found in love shared between a man and a woman is more physical than anything else. I have found through the years of my marriage with my wife, that while this physical attraction is important, it is merely the ‘ember’ that sparks the raging bonfire that develops when two commit to travel the road of life together through marriage, while allowing the spirit of the Lord to slowly lift them from the physical to the spiritual. While physical love is exhilarating, spiritual love is to die for!

Physical love, as everyone knows, but often forget, is temporary. Time takes its toll on us and no matter what we do, our bodies change and we are left with the ‘raw’ material and essence of ‘who we are!’ And although my wife is extraordinarily beautiful in my eyes, what I find most attractive about her is her! When I gaze into her brown eyes, I see over 45 years of companionship. I see the young bride, the dutiful mother, the unbelievably supportive wife, the amazing professional and spiritual woman all rolled into one conglomerate I call my wife.

We have aged together through the years and my respect and honor reach far above the physical. When I see her I am lifted up to a sphere much higher! I am elevated and filled with the excitement of the possibilities of our life together well beyond earthly years. The possibilities of which, are endless, if you believe in an afterlife and the eternal nature of marriage and of love.

So as we approach Valentine’s Day, the Silver Screen celebrates love in all it’s physicality, I have yet to find images of the raging bonfire of eternal love that burns in my heart for my wife. And that is not surprising, because there is no way to communicate it via the images of man, because that kind of love can only be felt through a power that comes from a sphere much higher than this earthly life is able to offer!

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