Dealing With Discouragement; Down…But Not Out!

Have you ever felt like you are so far behind that you want to quit the game of life? At times, I think all of us have felt that kind of hopelessness.  If you haven’t, the day will come when you surely will! I’m an avid sports fan. I have enjoyed both viewing and playing sports my whole life.  It has been an integral part of who I am. Athletics has always served as a good metaphor for life’s challenges. I was once was on a men’s softball team that was winning by 9 runs with two outs in the last inning, yet somehow we managed to lose.
Maybe the game seems to be “over” for us. But, it isn’t!  There is still time left to make adjustments. Time to make personal changes in our life. Maybe some friends we have on our team need to be given less time and replaced with new ones who will help improve our mood. Ones who will give hope and change to us. Maybe we need to change our defense by staying away from places and things we know are a temptation to us. If we feel we are losing in life, let’s make adjustments! It’s amazing how making small changes for the good can improve the mood of our life. If we are struggling with personal demons, it’s remarkable what a consistent habit of prayer, scripture reading and attendance at church will do for the soul. It may seem trite, but the encouragement we have received by our living apostles and prophets to do these things really do bring about wonderful changes in our lives for the good.
Lastly, the Savior is the best coach that anyone can have. He really can chart a way back.  If we listen to his voice and that of his servants, we can overcome all obstacles. We can be found down, but not out! We can attain the victory no matter the score at this time of our life. May we have faith in the future and hope that a new day is dawning!

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