“Times They Are A-Changing: But Some Things Need To Stay The Same!”

October 16, 1974

“Dear Scott,

I have a few minutes this morning so I thought I would write and let you know how we are all doing- We still hear regularly from Andy.  He is still enjoying his work as Branch President and is teaching some good families. (He was on a full-time mission at the time) Mary Kay is very busy with school, church and her job.  She has decided to go to Rick’s College next year…Mother is working two days at the Temple and I work one evening.  Church responsibilities are as busy as ever.  I have two marriages to perform this week so it should be a busy one with all the other things there are to do!  

…How is school by this time?  Do you enjoy your studies?  Are you learning anything?  I hope you are enjoying yourself and are taking advantage of every opportunity.  Also, do your best to continue to observe all the teachings of the gospel and Heavenly Father will bless you with the help you need.  The temptations are great but the satisfaction that comes from self- discipline and keeping the commandments is also great.  Study hard and you will receive the desire to study and learn.  Continue to be active in the church and encourage others to do the same-  

We all miss you and love you- we pray for you each day that you will be protected from sin and accident and will be successful at school.  Write more often- Love Dad.”

Aside from a few personal things mentioned in the first paragraph of this letter sent to me almost fifty years ago, I could cut and paste this letter and have sent it to my kids years ago and my thoughts would have been the same. I might copy this and email it to my grandkids in a few years when they are away at school. “The Times They Are A-Changing” sang Bob Dylan back in my youth. Yes, times do change but some things need to stay the same. “Take advantage of every opportunity. Do your best to observe the teachings of the gospel; satisfaction comes from self-discipline and keeping God’s commandments. Study hard and continue to be active in church and encourage others to do so.”

When I re-read my Father’s long ago letter, I am reminded that there are things worth keeping.

(And for those who have parents still living. A piece of advice- “Write more often!” That is definitely something you will never regret.)


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