Help! I’m Trapped In this Body!


All of us know that some spirits have been sent here and are trapped in imperfect physical bodies. Both the physically and mentally handicapped are easily recognized and helped accordingly. Most of us have compassion and know that in the eternities they will be made whole. But often we  are ignorant to the fact that ‘everyone’ is trapped in an imperfect physical body!  It’s the nature of this world. Many struggle with all kinds of physical and mental impairments that are not easily recognizable. And if you happen to be born “whole”, so to speak, as you age your body and mind begin to deteriorate and most of us will be robbed of “who we really are.” A visit to any nursing home will serve as a testimony as to the ultimate fate of our mortal bodies.  Why is it important to recognize, adjust, and recognize this fact?

Well, many years ago I spoke in a fireside on mental illness. I have no degrees on this subject, just personal first hand experience. In that fireside I held my hand up and said, “This is the spirit body”. I then placed a dime on the table and picked it up to demonstrate how simple a task it was. I then put on a surgical glove to signify the physical body housing the spirit. Then I picked up the dime. Again it was easy. I then removed the surgical glove and put on a rubber glove typically used for washing dishes. It was more difficult to pick the dime up with that glove on. I then put on a leather glove used for driving, then a leather glove used for yard work. Finally I put on a bulky glove used for winter conditions. With the change of each glove it became increasingly difficult to pick up that dime,  till I could no longer pick the dime up at all. The problem, I said, was that we often expect everyone to perform on the level of the surgical glove when most are wearing other types of gloves.

I hope that all of us will have compassion, not just on the most obvious of those who are handicapped, but may all of us remember that “all” our spirits are trapped, to a certain degree, within an imperfect body.  May we have mercy on those that wear gloves that don’t allow them to pick up the dime! May be keep in mind that if our spirit has been blessed to have been born in a surgical glove, that even that glove, with time, will deteriorate into the bulky winter glove. When that time comes, we will want all the love, patience and caring that others can give to us. Remember the charge of the Savior, “by this shall all men know ye are my disciples, if ye have love one to another.” (John 13:35)


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