The Latter-Day Gladiator Of Honor!


We live in tempestuous times! The world is headed the opposite way that we have been taught. Materialism is rampant and humanism is the belief of the day. Society has become very hedonistic and seeks only the pleasure of the flesh. Godliness in thought and deed is no longer admired, but rather, it has become something of a “punch line.” The abandonment of personal responsibility seems to hold no shame. More children are now born out-of-wedlock than in. The absence of Fathers in the home has led to a rise in crime, drug abuse, physical and sexual abuse and all forms of perversion. Indeed the prophecies as foretold by the ancient prophets are upon us. As I survey my life, I hardly recognize the days of my youth. They have long since disappeared from off the face of the earth. The days of innocence for our youth have been robbed from them as they are exposed at an alarming rate to things that degrade and make low the human soul. Amongst all this is the “Latter-day Gladiator.” They are honorable men of Christ, and other faiths,  who against all odds are attempting to raise their families in righteousness. They are the men who have made covenants with their Lord, to be in the world but not of the world. This is not easy!

The “Latter-day Gladiator” is sent out into the arena of the coliseum where they compete in worldly affairs on uneven ground. They are courageous men who take upon themselves the name of their God through the oath and covenant. In the world, their devotion to their God, wives and children is oftentimes seen as a handicap because they don’t worship at the door of idols and fame. The “Latter-day Gladiator” is more concerned about the spiritual welfare of his family than the temporal, yet he is required to provide both. He follows the counsel of the prophets by marrying, and then compounds his burden by following the first and great commandment given by the Lord to “multiply and replenish the earth.” (Genesis 1:28) He gives an honest tithe and other offerings to the Lord, all the while trying to keep pace with the challenges of providing a respectable lifestyle for this wife and children.

The “Latter-day Gladiator” gives of his time freely for the building up the kingdom here on earth, while his counterparts bask in the recreational pleasures of the day. He honors the Sabbath by faithfully attending to devotions on the day of rest. This “Latter-day Gladiator” is the kind of man who knows the value of fidelity, honor, and hard work. He shuns the darkness even when the shadows are upon him. He seeks the light and finds joy in selfless service to family and others. This is a “real” man. This is the kind of man worthy of respect. This is the kind of man I have rubbed shoulders with throughout my life as a follower of Jesus Christ. There are millions of men out there, from all walks of life,  who still hold the banner high.  This is the “Latter-day Gladiator of Honor!”

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