Of This I Know!


She wasn’t singing the correct words of the song, but the notes she sang were clearly sung with great fervor and joy. My two-year old granddaughter’s face beamed and I could hear her little voice above all the others. Perhaps it was because the words were wrong and out of sync, yet the spirit seemed so right. My wife and I smiled as we listened, as did the other family members who could hear her tiny voice. “I Am a Child of God” was the song we were singing at the baptism of her older sister. As I looked at this little girl, singing with all her heart, I couldn’t help but feel impressed about the importance of her knowing that fact; that she was a child of God. And I felt a peace come over my soul that my little granddaughter would know, from her birth, that she was of noble birthright, and that she was of great value.

I know there are those who don’t believe we are of God, but I don’t care. Because even the hope and faith that we come from nobility, is uplifting and elevating. A belief in the noble nature of man enriches the soul and makes us kinder and gives esteem to the soul and a purpose to life.

This life is full of tests and trials that challenge even the strongest of us. As I sat there in the pews, listening to my granddaughter singing that song, I felt joy swell in my soul. And I sat back in the hard pew, and soaked in the moment. But most of all, I felt happy that this little girl was being taught a true doctrine. She is a child of God! And that knowledge will be of great comfort to her in her lifetime. I know this; I just don’t believe it! I know it will of great comfort because I was once a little boy and I sang the same song. And now, all these years later, I can testify that having that belief has given me strength in my darkest times. That knowledge has fortified me and helped me to be a better man, husband, father, and person. And that is a good thing; for me, my wife, my children and the world in general. And it will be a good thing for my granddaughter and anyone else who believes!

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