Learning To Laugh At Life’s Embarassing Moments!


The other day I came home from work and was greeted by my wife. She had a few chores to do around the house so I started to help her. After a couple of minutes she said to me, “Do you like walking around with a hole in the seat of your pants?” I didn’t have time to respond before she put a finger in the small hole and ripped it wide open. She laughed as she walked away. I now felt a sudden “breeze” on my legs as my pants were now “air-conditioned”. As she walked away I said, “Oh, no. Don’t tell me I have been walking around all day with a hole in the seat of my pants!” She just kept laughing as she walked upstairs. Well, I thought, if my pants could have been mended before, they certainly couldn’t be now that my wife had made the hole bigger and more noticeable. I decided that I might as well “go the distance”. So I grabbed the seat of my pants and tore away till my pants were shredded. The only thing keeping the pants on my body was the waistline. I didn’t say anything to my wife but I walked upstairs to ask her a question. I was talking to her nonchalantly when she turned and spied me in the tattered pants. She burst out laughing! So did I! I guess I was a sight to behold. Sometimes, it’s just better to laugh at yourself than get stressed about life’s little “embarrassments.”

Often, as we go through life, we take it all so seriously. And some things are of a serious nature. But, in the grand scheme of things, most things are not. As a parent of five adult children, I can remember my wife and I stressing about all kinds of things when they were little. Will this kid overcome this, or that kid something else. Are they getting enough sleep, are they being accepted by all, do they look “normal”, do they “act” normal? Are “we” normal? The things you worry about as a parent are endless. And what you find, in the end, is that you and your kids not only live through it all, you actually succeed at most things. You also learn that all the awards and recognition that man has to give, seem to be of little significance as time goes on.

That is not to say that we shouldn’t strive for excellence in what we are doing, but living our life for appearances or for the approval of others will ultimately bring unhappiness.  In the end,  our salvation will not be affected by what earthly awards we have earned.  If we live our lives worrying about what others think of us, we will live a stressful and unhappy life. Better to live our lives to please the Lord.

We should always strive to be “excellent” in all we do. But, on those occasions we do come up short, or if things don’t go our way we should ‘lighten up!”  Let us remember that all of us came to earth to gain experience. That’s the purpose of this life. Sometimes, that means we are “flying by the seat of our pants.” And that is not always bad!


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