May We Color Our World


I believe that Heavenly Father has placed valiant spirits in all countries, religions, races and classes. I once testified to a young black man that he had been blessed with something that I didn’t have,  and could never hope to attain, which was the color of his skin.

I believe there are certain people that will not listen to my message of the gospel simply because of the color of my skin. Likewise there are many people who will not listen to a person of color for the same reason. In my experience, it is also true, that rich men seldom listen to poor man, and poor men are not likely to listen to rich men. Educated men usually don’t listen to uneducated men and so forth. All of us tend to wear blinders to a certain degree. Therefore, in order to spread the gospel, God’s great spirits have been sent down to all races, cultures and backgrounds. The Lord, in his infinite wisdom, has sent his servants into all walks of life, so that all may comfortably hear in their own tongue and image, the gospel of Jesus Christ.

In the Lord’s kingdom all are of value but man is still grappling with his inherent prejudice. I have no doubt that the Lord loves all equally,  and that in our days the restored gospel is meant to cross all boundaries, man-made or otherwise. May we see all people, regardless of sex, race, creed, or color, or economic background, as true brothers and sisters.

Christ himself struggled with the upper class of the House of Isreal because he was a simple carpenter who didn’t have the pedigree, or education to preach. His message of hope and salvation was ignored by many who could not see past his clothes, class, or his race. May we color our world by removing our blinders, and opening our hearts to the message of salvation, and may we welcome all with open arms into the fold of the shepard. Let us not be found saying, as was Nathanael, “Can there any good thing come out of Nazareth?”  (John 1:39)



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