Silver Lining On An Ominous Cloud!


Several years ago I received an email of great depth from my fourth son. I share his words:

“Every morning, upon waking up, I check the news for the most recent national headlines and political updates. They are inevitably laced with stories of lying, hate, violence, and corruption. These stories are the reason that many feel a looming sense of doom that will come as our society and world slips deeper and deeper into iniquity. More often than not, I too, feel an intense sense of despair and hopelessness, reminding myself of the perilous times that we know must come in the last days… I then echo the sentiments penned in the hymn by Henry Longfellow upon hearing of the wounds his son suffered in battle during the American Civil War. Describing the joyous songs promoted by the Christmas bells of peace and good will, he responds:

“And in despair I bowed my head

‘There is no peace on earth,’ I said

‘For hate is strong and mocks the song

Of peace on earth good will to men.’ ”

It is because of this tendency to feel crushed under the weight of the perilous last days that I am grateful for the scriptures. I take comfort in reading that even as the Nephites slipped further into wickedness, great things were also occurring. Amongst the wars and secret corruptions, there are grand stories of faith and love. Righteous men rose to be leaders of the nation, priesthood holders went forth and brought thousands to the gospel; even putting an end to a war through missionary work! There were times of sincere repentance in which the people prospered and lived in peace for the space of many years. All of this during the “last days” of the Nephites, which, most important, lead to the coming of the resurrected Savior to bless and care for his sheep.

As long as good men are willing to stand up for what’s right; as long as there remains a band of Christians in the land, we can take comfort in knowing that God will protect, watch over, and comfort his faithful followers. There is no need to fear, no need to look forward to the future with apprehension, the Lord will provide; as Longfellow wrote in the inspired last verse:

“Then pealed the bells more loud and deep

‘God is not dead nor doth he sleep

The wrong shall fail; the right prevail

With peace on earth good will to men.’ ”

The above words of my son speak of perilous times. And yes we do  live in troubled times but then again, the world has been in turmoil since Adam and Eve left the garden of Eden. The last days are upon us but the knowledge that Christ and his followers will be victorious should provide for all of us  a silver lining on an ominous cloud!


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