May We Embrace Truth In All Its Forms


While we may disagree with one another when it comes to religion, and who is teaching the whole truth; universal truths usually can be found in many religions and philosophies.  And while my Jewish friends may disagree with me regarding Jesus Christ and his divine role as Savior of the World, there is still much we can learn from one another.

I was reading the other day when I came upon the old saying, “Save one life, and you save the world.” I pondered on that and found it to be very satisfying. I had heard it before but I decided to look up its origin. I found that it appears to originate from the Jewish Talmud. Then I read its explanation. The Rabbi Simcha Bart teaches:

“The Talmud asks why the human race was created as a single human being, as opposed to creating many people at once; like the animals which were created en masses.

This teaches us that just as Adam was created in the beginning, and he was the entire human population of the world, likewise we need to look at each individual as if he/she were the entire population of the world. Therefore, when you save one life it is as if you saved the entire world.”

A wonderful thought! An inspiring concept!An ennobling idea! It is a concept that we embrace as Christians when we teach that we are sons and daughters of God, and that each soul is of great value and worth. (Luke 15:4)

May we embrace truth in all its forms. May we glean out of the world the goodness that can be found and recognize that all light comes from God, the Father of us all. May we seek for truth and light in all its forms and be open-minded enough to recognize and glory in it.


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