I’m Grateful For “Miracles In The Mist”


Do you believe in miracles? I guess that question has been asked to all of us in various ways, and probably on many occasions throughout our lifetime. The answer usually depends on your point of view and understanding of what constitutes such a thing.

While a dictionary may give the meaning of a miracle to be “a surprising and welcome event that is not explicable by natural or scientific laws and is therefore considered to be the work of a divine agency,” I would add that the Lord often works through others and that miracles often arrive in common everyday events. The recognition of such miracles is left to the receiver, not the giver. Perhaps a miracle can be seen in an unexpected job promotion, an unexplained improvement in health issues, or news that a couple is now expecting the birth of a child. Perhaps it is as simple as a knock on the door from a friendly neighbor paying a visit to us when we most need a friend.

The reality is that all of us simply hold in our hearts the recognition or belief, of the possibility that miracles do or do not exist. For some, divine miracles do not exit because they choose to believe not in such things. They hold the possibility of such things with clenched fists; crushing the hope, faith, and the recognition of such intervention. They see things totally from a natural or scientific point of view giving no credence to the divine nature of life, and the possibility of a supreme being who has interest in us, his offspring.

I belong to that other group; believers who, through hope, faith, and belief, see miracles on a daily basis. We stand with open hands, with palms extended upward and outward, reaching for the hand of God to join ours in creating miracles while still here on earth. Each of us choose to believe or not.

Almost all of us have our moments when we question if God cares about us, as individuals, but through the power of prayer our faith can become stronger, our hope enhanced, and our vision made clearer. I believe miracles happen everyday to common people like you and me. May we look for them in our lives. May we rejoice in them and in knowing that God lives and does intervene from time to time in our lives. Lest we forget, each day as we look into the mirror and see our reflection, may we see through the mist of doubt, the greatest miracle of all, a son or daughter of God! Hence each of us stand as living proof that Miracles are alive and well!

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