“Tell Mother!”


The story is  told that during a severe storm in Holland a few years ago, a ship was sinking offshore and volunteers manned rowboats to rescue the stranded sailors.  It took great courage and strength to row through the treacherous waves in reaching the endangered vessel.  Although they finally arrived at the ship, they discovered there was not room enough in the small rowboat to take everyone back to the safety of the shore.  One man had to remain on board the imperiled ship.

By the time the rescuers made it back to the beach their strength was spent.  Exhaustion had taken its toll and they could not safely attempt another trip to rescue the stranded sailor on the ship.  By this time many spectators had arrived at the scene and more volunteers were asked for to make a second rescue attempt.  Among those stepping forward was a nineteen-year old Dutch youth named Hans.

The youth’s mother pleaded with him not to go, saying, “Hans, please don’t go. Your father died at sea when you were four years old, and your older brother Pete has been reported missing at sea for more than three months now.  You are the only son left to me!”

The young man’s courage did not waver, and he told his mother that he had a duty to help rescue that single soul on the ship.  The small rowboat slid into the sea and once again a battle for the life commenced.  After what seemed like an eternity to the mother, the rescuers returned.  When they were close enough to shore to be heard above the roar of the wind, a man on the beach cupped his hands and shouted through the storm, “Did you save him?”

The crowd on the beach saw the hero Hans rise from his rowing bench and shout back, “Yes! And tell Mother it is my brother Pete!”

A wonderful story of how often giving brings forth unseen blessings!

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