The New ‘Face'(Book) of The Milkman


When I was a kid growing up in the 1960’s,  the old cliche was the story of the housewife running off with the “Milkman”.” At that day and age, the “Milkman” was, for most woman, the only man they ever came into constant contact with outside of their husbands.  The “Mailman” and “Fuller Brush” salesman came in a close second to the “Milkman” in breaking up marriages. They were men who had “frequent” and regular visits to the homes of housewives. Today, women are often found in the work field and there can be no denying that the breakup of marriages has dramatically risen. Common sense, as well as statistical data will back it up. Why? Is it that couples are so weak in their love for one another that they cannot stand the test that comes in associating with others of the opposite sex? Well, that may play a part in it,  but if you have been married for any reasonable length of time you know that marriage is much like life. There are good days and bad days, ups and downs, moments where your love of spouse is so strong you can’t think of anyone but them. Then there are other times where the stress of it all is almost more than you can bear! It is in those down moments that we are at our weakest. It may be for a day, a week, a month, even a year. Things might not be going right with the kids, the job, the dog, the church, our health, or a combination of them all. It is at those times that we might find ourselves “vulnerable” to the wiles of this world.

An ABC affiliate notes:

“Facebook may be a fan favorite, but a new report claims it could be bad for your marriage.” According to Loyola University Health Systems, more than 80 percent of divorce lawyers report they’ve seen a jump in divorce cases involving social networking. “Facebook seems to be the number one offender with one in five divorced couples claiming the popular site led to the end of their marriage. “Many of those cases involved flirty messages and photographs, as well as reuniting with old flames and past hook-ups.” (Meridian Magazine, March 9, 2011).

There is so much good to be found in our societies advancing technologies, but never forget the tremendous power of the adversary to turn something intended for “good” and use it for evil. Connecting with other people outside our marriage can be very dangerous. What might start out as an innocent contact can develop into a cancerous growth on our marriages. Just ten years ago this subject would not even have needed to be addressed as the potential problem didn’t exit. But, there is a new “face” on the milkman, and he or she can come from our past or present via a click of a mouse. “The New Milkman” can pretend to be “anything” or “anyone” as their identity need not be truthful, or even real. Most of us will not be fooled by such things, but there may be a low point in our life where we might be susceptible or weak. For this reason we must always be “on guard” by reading in the scriptures and praying on a consistent basis. We must not allow ourselves to “crack open the door”, because sometimes the wind outside is blowing so hard we can’t keep the door shut! Before we know it the doors of our homes have become unhinged and opened wide to the influences of the adversary and nothing but pain and heartache will enter.  Thomas S. Monson issued a warning to us in the April 2009 when he said:

“Although this is a remarkable period when opportunities abound, you also face challenges which are unique to this time. For instance, the very technological tools I have mentioned provide opportunities for the adversary to tempt you and to ensnare you in his web of deceit, thereby hoping to take possession of your destiny.” (“May You Have Courage”)

Today we communicate through cell phones, instant messaging, text messaging, e-mailing, blogging, skypeing, Facebook and by other means. All of these technological advancements are wonderful if used properly. But there can be a dark side to many things that are good. We need to be on guard! There is a “new milkman” in town! He wears a new “face”, but his game is still as deadly as ever!


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