Do We Feel ‘More’ Equal


“All animals are equal, but some animals are more equal.” (‘Animal Farm’, George Orwell)

In Orwell’s famous book a bunch of farm animals lament that they are treated as inferiors to their human masters so they rebel and start to develop their version of equality on the farm in which they reside.  But it doesn’t take long for a caste system to develop within the animal kingdom as the pigs begin to believe they are ‘more equal’ than the rest of the animals. The farm animals soon find that the only thing that has changed is they have a new master. The desire to be ‘more equal’ is not a Godly attribute but one that comes from the natural man.

We all come prepackaged to a degree so we aren’t completely a blank slate when we arrive here on earth. We come from our Heavenly Home where we have been developing for…who knows how long. So we each come with certain attributes that were attained long before this earth life. Life however, does present different challenges for us. These challenges can alter, or at least temporarily hide some of those attributes. Those that come with mental handicaps, for instance, have most, if not all of their attributes hidden from the rest of us. And the day will come when all that was earned, will be revealed and restored. All pre-life attributes will come forth in individuals and we will know everyone as they are, not just who we see.

If we fully understand the doctrine of a pre-mortal life, we will never treat another as an inferior, because…well, it isn’t within the teachings of Christ, and second, we might turn out to be the inferior one once all is restored and revealed.  Once, after holding a conversation with a person who I perceived to be of limited intelligence, I remember thinking, “How is this person going to be able to function in the hereafter and what are their chances of living up to their royal heritage?”  Then the spirit reminded me that this person may not be who I think they are. Indeed, come the resurrection, when bodies celestial are bestowed, this person, with all their restored knowledge and intelligence, might be far superior to me. After pondering such, I was left with the burning question of, “How would I feel if I faced a person in the afterlife and they said with disappointment and hurt, “Thanks a lot for treating me that way when I was trapped in that physical body!”

With our limited knowledge of the total picture, sometimes we might tend to feel we are ‘more’ than equal. But, armed with the knowledge of the plan of salvation,  we should have a greater understanding of how and why we should treat and see others as our equals. As we do so, we will begin to treat all as we should; with dignity and respect!

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