Oh…Just One More Thing!


Columbo is my favorite television show of all time. The series began in 1968 and ran, off and on, all the way to 2003. It is one of the few complete TV series I own on DVD. I think what originally drew me to the show was the format of knowing, up front, who the killer was. Then watching for clues or mistakes by the murderer which you thought Columbo would  find in order to solve the case. The industry calls it an “inverted detective story”. Later, it was Columbo’s character that intrigued me. His character is best described as such:

“Lt. Columbo is a shambling, disheveled-looking, seemingly naive Italian American police detective… Despite his unprepossessing appearance and apparent absent-mindedness, he shrewdly solves all of his cases and secures all evidence needed for indictment. His formidable eye for detail and meticulous and dedicated approach become apparent only late in the story-line.” (Wikipedia).

The point of the show was to show that there was no such thing as a perfect murder. No matter how well the premeditated crime had been prepared, justice would always come to the murderer. Because of the sleuthing skills of Columbo, their sin would eventually come to light.  Judgment day always came by the end of the episode. In a day and age where justice is hard to find, it was nice to see that, at least on Columbo, it prevailed.

This life is unfair by nature. People seem to get away with doing horrible things without repercussions. Sometimes innocent people are accused of, or punished for things they don’t do. Without a proper perspective of the eternities it can be a pretty depressing scenario. However, if we keep in mind the plan of salvation we can be assured that the manner in which we live our lives will be rewarded accordingly. The scriptures testify of it. In fact, it is the main message. If we believe in the justice and mercy of the revealed plan of salvation, we will have hope in this life and in the next.

Lieutenant Columbo was known for a line he would say as he would be leaving an interview with the murderer. The killer, thinking they had answered all of the questions satisfactorily asked of them,  would give a sigh of relief. Now disarmed, Columbo would turn back and say “Oh….just one more thing!” Then he would ask something of the killer that let him know that something about their statement wasn’t right. It was a prelude to justice that was sure to come. Eventually justice will come to everyone that lives. Mercy also!

Let us live such that when judgment day does come, we needed worry about hearing from the Lord at close of our life report,  “Oh…just one more thing!”


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