Samaritans On The Highway Of Life


Have you ever thought about the fact that as you speed down the highway,  the people in the other cars might be on the same road and going the same direction, but their experience might be completely different from the one you are having?  For instance, each car is a different make and model which can make the ride better or worse. Riding in a Chevy is certainly different from riding in a Mercedes. And the various options and features of a car can make the journey wonderfully exquisite or a torturous ride. Driving an undependable car can be filled with stress because our destination becomes uncertain, while traveling in a new car provides a certain amount of peace. And so it is that we may all be traveling down the same road but the ride for some is filled with comfort and ease while for others it may be filled with angst.

Each of us are like cars traveling on the highway of life.  We are all headed the same direction,  however, each of us are having a different experience.  The roads in this life are full of unexpected pot holes that can damage even the sturdiest and most costly autos. Sometimes all the preparation in the world will not shield us from the perils of the journey!

All of us feel sorrow and pain when bad things happen to those we love and care for, yet most of us stop on the highway with those that suffer for just a short time.  When we come upon a wreak we feel pity and stop to help.  But soon, with the pressure of our own schedules,  we forget about the pain others are suffering as miles and distance separate us from their tragedy. It is not that we don’t care or that we are not Christian in our hearts, it’s just that life demands that we move forward.  Our goal shouldn’t necessarily be to carry others grief and pain,  often only the Savior is qualified and equipped to do such.  However,  we can provide strength and comfort to others whose automobiles are of lesser quality,  or those who  cars have broken down on the side of life’s highway.We can give to them temporary relief and comfort, until in the Lord’s time,  all will be made whole. It’s amazing what notes,  and or,  phone calls of encouragement can do for one who is struggling.

All of us have ‘breakdowns’ from time to time. When that happens, let us look to the Lord for strength. When it happens to others, let us provide the comfort and support others so desperately need by following the example  as taught by the Savior in the parable of the ‘Good Samaritan.’



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