The Eighth Most Popular Post of 2014



“I once listened to a popular talk show host, known for his biting and satirical humor, speak on the subject of marriage. He is known to be a ‘serial’ bachelor, meaning, he is constantly moving in and out of relationships but never committing to ’marriage.’ He said, words to this effect:

“They are always saying you have to ‘work’ at a marriage. Well, if it is so good and desirable, why does everyone call it work.”

His trademark smirk then appeared on his face as he looked around. The audience roared their approval as he continued to berate the institution of marriage.

Well, I was offended by his remarks because, coming from a single man, who was he to belittle the union of a couple and the benefits that come forth. Marriage is a crucible! Meaning, as Webster defined it…” FULL MESSAGE AT…

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