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GOD WILL WIPE AWAY THE TEARS! (October 29, 2014)

“Many years ago I was lying on the operating table for an injury I had sustained while playing softball. The anesthesiologist looked down at me and said,”Start counting down, beginning at 100!” I started, 100, 99, 98…” That’s all I remember. Next thing I know, hours had passed and I found myself on a bed, freezing to death in a recovery room. It was the strangest feeling to have hours of your life pass, without any recollection of anything. It was as if someone simply erased hours out of my life. I found out that when you go under general anesthetic, that’s the common experience. It’s not like sleeping, it’s different. It’s like having a complete forgetfulness of the time you are under. In the snap of a finger hours are gone. Your living…yet!

Due to this experience, it isn’t that hard for me to understand the doctrine of a “veil” being placed over my mind, blocking my knowledge of a pre-mortal life.” FULL MESSAGE AT…

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