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REASONS KNOWN ONLY TO GOD (December 1, 2014)

“It was mid July of 1977. I was driving cross-country on a tour of the Argentina Buenos Aires South mission with my companion and the Mission President.  The Mission President was riding in the front passenger seat, while my companion slumbered in the back seat.  It was nearing dusk as I peacefully drove along somewhere between the city of Bahia Blanca and Neuquen. Suddenly, out of nowhere I saw a slow-moving tractor pulling a wagon of hay directly ahead in my lane. I thought that I was traveling way too fast to avoid a collision so I glanced at the other side of the single lane highway, only to see a car coming in the opposite direction. I glanced to the right and found that we were coming right up to a small bridge and that veering towards the right would certainly result in the car going down the embankment and possibly overturning. No option seemed good so I slammed on the brakes hoping that I could somehow minimize the inevitable bad accident…”  FULL MESSAGE AT…

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